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Business Relief Effort

                Any business during these unprecedented times is in no doubt struggling to keep everything together. The uncertain future has everybody wondering just what might be next. As the owner of a small business myself, I know that everyday is nothing but a crap shoot. Wondering if something might happen to get me working through the next week or will something else come tumbling down that will make life even more difficult then it is right now. Some businesses have no choice but to shut the doors and hope for the best while others are shooting darts at the board hoping something will stick in order to survive another day.​

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As a business that is highly dependent on large group activities, schools and private organizations, we are one of those businesses directly impacted not only by the state wide shut down but by all the cancellations of any organized activity prior to the government stepping in to control this pandemic.  

During these times we have learned it is best to stick together and help one another out. We would like to help you by helping us. As much as we would like to keep doing the work, we normally do, provide custom apparel for many different schools and organizations as well as printing live for large events, that just is not possible during these times. We have come up with a program that will help your business generate a few extra dollars and we are calling it the Business Relief Effort.

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The Business Relief Effort is designed to let you sell pre-designed apparel (as seen in the picture) to your loyal customers and followers without you or your business having to pay anything up front. The items are sold using our online store front system that will be set up for you and your employees to share on all social media fronts as well as email. Each item sold will bring your business a profit of $10. If your business is able to sell 50 shirts in one week then you just grabbed an extra $500 just by continuously sharing a link on social media.

How it works:

  • First you must sign up on the bottom of this page (takes less then 10 min).

  • We will need your name, business name, email address and your federal tax i.d number.

  • Once we have that information, we will email you a link that will take you to your very own online store front. Share this link with all your customer and followers.

Once you have shared the link, we take it from there. We collect all the information including payment and shipping addresses. Every Monday we order the blank apparel and have them printed and shipped out by Tuesday afternoon. At that time, we also record how many items were sold and give your business the profits from the previous weeks sales.

Sign up to sell shirts

Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions!

Thanks for signing up. You will recive an email soon with a link to the online store.

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