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Live Screen printing is a great way to bring custom apparel to life at your next event.  Normally to have apparel for an event you would need to order them in advance. This means you need to determine how many people will be at the event vs how many people MIGHT purchase some apparel. This can be very difficult for the fact of these questions have no answer until the event is happening. There Is no way to predict an exact amount of people in attendance and even less of a chance of knowing how many people will purchase a shirt while at the event. So, J.R Elite has made this easier with live screen printing.

Live screen printing is exactly what you think it is. We print the apparel for an event, during the event. The process of printing shirts from start to finish can be very long. Going from the designing stage, deciding on colors of garments and quantities of sizes as well as getting all the equipment ready for printing. That process can take a few days or even weeks to nail down. But, the actual printing of the shirt only takes about 30-60 seconds per shirt. With live screen printing we can still take care of all the leg work prior to the event and once we are ready to print we just take our mobile press to the event and start printing.

Live screen printing is a fun way to get the attendees of an event interested in purchasing apparel and at times we can even get them involved but, you might ask “how much extra will this cost”. The answer to that is NOTHING. In fact, this service is designed to SAVE money. As stated previously the problem with selling apparel at an event is determining of how many shirts to pre order for the event. With live printing we provide the blank materials to print on and once the event is over, the blanks get sent back to the supplier. No shirts left over. This means no money waisted on left over shirts that you can’t get rid of. Only a small up-front payment is needed for set up and the event holder is responsible for the shipping cost of sending back the blank apparel as well as a restocking fee. If all goes well that cost could be $0

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