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The process

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Apparel decoration can be a very difficult process. A lot of people compare it to going to your favorite store to buy a shirt. What most people don't realize is custom apparel can be expensive depending on what is desired by the client. Yes one shirt at your local store can cost you only $15 and be this crazy design that looks amazing. But in order to print just one shirt is very costly. Those shirts purchased at the store were printed fr many different locations and most likely around 1000 pieces were printed. This will make it so the cost per shirt will go down to a reasonable price. Screen printing one shirt with a single color design can cost almost $100 just for a single color print. Just the process of preparing the art work fr the shirt can take a long time. Then there is the screens to be made. the screens alone could cost around $25 a piece. Then there is everything for the screen prep like artwork. So before the shirt is even close to being printed there could be $75 invested in the shirt. Check out this video to get a glimpse of the process of preparing artwork for apparel printing.

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