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The Choice

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Apparel decoration companies are a dime a dozen. In some places there are 5 different companies inside a 5-mile radius. So how is it that these companies are in business and how does one choose what company to go with?

I like to compare the apparel industry to the automotive industry. No matter where you live. You do not have to go far to find a mechanic, body shop or a place that sells cars. They are everywhere. Some are better than others and some have different specialties. Now think about your own vehicle for a minute. Let’s say you were going to find a mechanic. Your car broke down, and it needs a ton of work to get it back to normal. Do you take it to the closest mechanic near you to get it fixed? you can but that is not always the best idea. There should be a lot of research before deciding on a place to go. We can’t just go to the nearest place without looking in to them first. You might get lucky and the place around the corner is the best fit for your needs? But, let’s be real for a minute and remember that we hardly ever get lucky like that. So, you have your car that you spent a lot of money to get. Its your way of life. It is how you get to work and back. It carries you and your family (precious cargo). So, we really should be mindful about where it is getting repaired.

I like to think of this the same way when it comes to a custom apparel company. There are so many around that perform different types of decorations and specialize in different areas. Sports apparel, school clothing, business attire, these are just a few of the things that different companies specialize in. Now that does not mean that one company can not do what the other does. Just like an auto repair shop. Some companies might just need to do a little more research or charge more for things they don’t do as often.

So, when it comes to getting custom apparel, make sure you are doing some research first. Look in to the company that you are about to do business with. CHEAPER DOES NOT MEAN BETTER. I know we all think about price all the time. But, just because the price is good does not mean the product will be. I like to think the best would probably be somewhere in the middle of the pack when I compare prices for any reason. If they are too low they are probably skipping out on something to make it cheaper. If they are to high they most likely have so much going on and so many employees and bills to pay that the prices just sky rocket and because there are too many cooks in the kitchen something is bound to be missed.

So, make the choice with these 3 things in mind,


2. Personality with the customer, Call them and talk to someone to find this out.

3. Find their specialty.

Follow those 3 things and your experience with your next apparel company should be a lot smoother.

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