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Welcome to the Information page  for the marching arts custom apparel

J.R Elite Designs LLC is a custom screen printing and embroidery company based out of Macomb County, Michigan. We specialize in custom apparel and accessories for the performing arts. Our mission is to make the process of designing and ordering the apparel for your organization as easy as possible.​


About us

J.R Elite Designs is a screen printing and embroidery company based out of Macomb County, Michigan. J.R Elite was founded on the shoulders of Ryan Marshall and a long career in the performing arts as a musical performer, instructor, and director of many different world class ensembles nationwide. During his career Ryan saw the importance of apparel to this type of organization. After having a lot of trouble getting images designed and distributing the products, Ryan decided to get it all done himself. After learning a new craft and working with other groups as their apparel supplier, he decided to take it to the next level and expand his services. He has been providing apparel for many different groups and organizations as well as all types of businesses.

 Here at J.R Elite we pride ourselves on our quality, punctuality, and the personal touch we put on our products. We can design and screen print on almost any form of apparel or accessory for any need you may have. Let our design team take your ideas and bring it to life.

Some of our current customers

  • West Bloomfield High School Bands- West Bloomfield, Michigan

  • Roseville Middle School Band- Roseville, Michigan

  • Wiregrass Ranch High School Color Guard- Wesley Chapel, Florida

  • Auburndale High School Color Guard- Nice, Florida

  • Eclipse Independent Percussion- Dearborn, Michigan

  • Tampa Independent Winter Guard- Tampa Bay, Florida

  • Maumee High School Drumline- Maumee, Ohio

  • Livonia Untitled Winter Guard- Livonia Michigan

  • Detroit Lions Honolulu BOOM! Drumline- Detroit, Michigan

  •  Six to Five Productions- Cleveland, Ohio

  • Dark Sky Percussion- Long Beach California








Screen printing is the main service we provide. Printing on all locations of the garment as well as printing on many items other than clothing. 

Heat transfers are used to create any personalizing. Our heat transfer material is either vinyl or plastisol transfer. Adding numbers and names to garments is what heat transfer is used for but, in many cases it can be used for designs as well.

We can create any logo or design that suits your needs. We can also use any image you already have. 


Live Screen printing is a great way to bring custom apparel to life at your next event.  Normally to have apparel for an event you would need to order them in advance. This means you need to determine how many people will be at the event vs how many people MIGHT purchase some apparel. This can be very difficult for the fact of these questions have no answer until the event is happening. There Is no way to predict an exact amount of people in attendance and even less of a chance of knowing how many people will purchase a shirt while at the event. So, J.R Elite has made this easier with live screen printing.

Live screen printing is exactly what you think it is. We print the apparel for an event, during the event. The process of printing shirts from start to finish can be very long. Going from the designing stage, deciding on colors of garments and quantities of sizes as well as getting all the equipment ready for printing. That process can take a few days or even weeks to nail down. But, the actual printing of the shirt only takes about 30-60 seconds per shirt. With live screen printing we can still take care of all the leg work prior to the event and once we are ready to print we just take our mobile press to the event and start printing.

Live screen printing is a fun way to get the attendees of an event interested in purchasing apparel and at times we can even get them involved but, you might ask “how much extra will this cost”. The answer to that is NOTHING. In fact, this service is designed to SAVE money. As stated previously the problem with selling apparel at an event is determining of how many shirts to pre order for the event. With live printing we provide the blank materials to print on and once the event is over, the blanks get sent back to the supplier. No shirts left over. This means no money wasted on left over shirts that you can’t get rid of. Only a small up-front payment is needed for set up and the event holder is responsible for the shipping cost of sending back the blank apparel as well as a restocking fee. If all goes well that cost could be $0


Pricing can be very difficult with all the different pieces of apparel and accessories. It is always best to consult with us to make sure you are getting the best price possible. Here is a pricing guide just to give you an idea of our pricing. We use this pricing guide to give an example of how our pricing works. Garment prices change almost daily that is why this is just an example.

Screen printing Pricing guide

This pricing guide is actual prices but is used more for an example of how our pricing works. Most companies use price breaks in their pricing guidelines.

For example: (The other guys)

You want 132 shirts and that quantity falls under the price range for 100-150 shirts and will cost $5.75 per shirt. This price is for 150 shirts so in reality you are paying for 150 shirts when you are only ordering 132. Often The other companies will try and sell a customer on ordering up to the next price break to save on cost per shirt. So, you could order 152 shirts to get the cost per shirt lower while the next price break is at 175 shirts and the price reflects 175 shirts not 152.


Another Example: (our pricing)

Our pricing is set to break on each shirt being printed. If you are ordering 152 shirts the price you pay will be for 152 shirts. Each additional item will be charged at the appropriate price. This way no money is ever left on the table or wasted.

152 shirts with 1 color design = $5.68 per shirt

154 shirts with a 1 color designs = $5.67 per shirt

There is no reason you should be paying for more shirts you are not ordering.

Sport of the arts apparel

Pricing can be very difficult.  Knowing you budget can help when ordering apparel. With all the different brands of garments as well as styles can play a huge roll in pricing. Image printing can have a direct effect on the price as well with the amount of colors being printed or how many locations on the garments.

It is always best to consult with us before assuming any price. Just one small detail can change a price by a significant amount.

Making life easier

“Don’t start a business, first solve a problem and then start your business”

Apparel decorators are a dime a dozen. Along with J.R Elite there are many other companies to choose from. At J.R Elite we are very aware of this so, why would you choose to go with one company over the other? It’s the simple really, You ask the same question when getting your car serviced. You don’t take your Ford to a Chevrolet dealer to get fixed right? We all have our areas of expertise and ours happens to be in the performing arts. Ryan Marshall the founder of J.R Elite was highly involved as a performer and instructor of many different groups in the marching arts. As an instructor Ryan had to deal with many of the same issues you deal with today but saw the importance and need for apparel for these types of organizations.

J.R Elite has come up with a way to make ordering apparel for your members and staff less of a head ache. Once the designs are finished, we will create your very own page hosted on our website. This page will be your ensembles very own web store. A page for members, parents, staff and volunteers to order items for your ensemble. Through this page anyone can order their very own products for the ensemble. This page or specific items can be password protected so only the correct people can order member specific items. This service comes at no extra cost! That might sound crazy but it’s kind of hard to charge more for less work

See! Less head aches

Raising funds

T shirt fundraisers have always been a great way to make a little bit of money for any type of organization. The most common fundraiser is the business advertising t shirt. This is done with an image on the front of a shirt and business advertisements on the back. But why let it stop there?

Along with the web store comes an option to make a little extra money. J.R Elite will set the prices on the products to reflect a whole sale cost to you. We can always raise the prices by percentage specified by you so that at the end of the month J.R Elite cuts a check back to the ensemble as a donation. This way of raising some funds is not something that can save your season but at the end of year depending on what is sold for an extra percentage could be a substantial amount. It’s cool when you can make money and not lift a finger.

J.R Elite Designs is not the only company for your apparel needs but we do have a great understanding of what you need. Apparel is very important to any organization especially when members are held to high standards in their performance. The apparel being worn by the members, staff and volunteers shows that they are proud of what they do and dedicated. J.R Elite is proud to be the company that will represent those who put so much time and effort in to their craft. We keep our operation small in order to keep prices down. At the same time, we can handle very large orders as well. Our goal is to be the best for your organization as well as the best in the activity. Thank you for taking the time to read through this packet and we wish you and your organization the best this season.

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